AFM/SPM Analysis Software

AFM/SPM Analysis Software

Schaefer SEE distributes also nanoscale and microscale image processing software. The choosen partner is acknowledged as the market's leader: Image Metrology. Their product, SPIP (Scanning Probe Image Processor), has just reached the sixth edition and is recognized as the top of the sector, with many new features in the standard configuration, and with the opportunity to empower it thanks to 14 optional add-ons.

  • topoStitch™

    topoStitch™ offers the easiest and most accurate way to stitch topographic images. You can stitch images and surfaces from AFM, SPM, Profilers, Interferometers, Confocal Microscopes and more.

    Automatic Layout - All images are placed automatically, if the images contain...

  • SPIP™ 6 - The Scanning Probe Image Processor

    The Scanning Probe Image Processor, SPIP™6

    Over the years, the Scanning Probe Image Processor, SPIP™, has become the de-facto standard for image processing at nanoscale. SPIP™ is a modular software package offered as a basic module and 14 optional add-ons dedicated to specific purposes.

    Whether you are an expert user or new to the...