In-line 3D Optical Profilometers - Integrable heads

In-line 3D Optical Profilometers - Integrable heads
We offer different solutions of optical profilometers integrable heads, for every budget. From cutting-edge technology to robust, efficient and convenient solutions to perform your surface measurements for R&D and Quality Control requirements.
  • Sensofar’s in-line metrology sensor systems represent the culmination of more than 14 years of experience in the development of surface metrology systems. They have been designed right from the outset to be integrated into the harshest manufacturing environments. Compact, lightweight, and with flexible mounting options, the S mart and S onix sensors put high-performance surface metrology right where you need it.
  • Lyncée-Tec - The industrial DHM® series R100 and R200 are compact and lightweight 3D optical profilometers with interferometric resolution. They can be mounted on robot arms and gantry conveyors, and can be easily integrated into special multifunctional machines. Similarly to other Lyncée DHM® products, the measurement technology differs fundamentally from other optical profilometers by the non-requirement of both vertical and horizontal scanning.
  • GBS-Ilmenau Gmbh - 3D sensors for use in the production area: with manually interchangeable lens, with large measuring range, with really high resolution
The Applications:
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer electronics
  • Laser marking
  • LCD
  • Microelectronics
  • Micromanufacturing
  • Paper
  • Semiconductors
  • Tooling

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