Microscope automation

Microscope automation

We provide solutions for automation of microscopes of all kinds, like motorized focus and XY control. With software solutions, it’s possible to do scanning, time-lapse in up to 100 positions, looped image acquisition and much more, of all kinds and sizes of objects and specimens with extended focus and microscopic details, resulting in breathtaking images of unique quality and detail. Contact us to get a quote for a complete solution exactly matched to your automation or scanning application.

  • ErgoFocus

    ErgoFocus - High quality and ergonomic solution for microscope automated focus

    This Focus only controller from DeltaPix offers high quality and ergonomic solution for microscope automated focus. The design of the Eogofocus is based on feedback from end-users and physiotherapist for the best working ergonomics possible.
    The Ergofocus has a very compact design of only...

  • XY Motorized stage

    XY Motorized stage -  XY-Automation

    We can provide solutions for most types and brands of microscopes and integrate to well-known brands and manufacturers of XY stages like Prior, Marzhauser and Ludl.
    The ES111 OptiScan stage from prior is designed for upright microscopes offers the optimum compromise between price and...

  • Focus Motor

    Focus Motor - Simple easy to fit Z solutions for most microscopes

    The motorized focus control provides step sizes as small as 0.002µm, giving excellent resolution for precise and repeatable focusing in the Z-axis. This focus motor can be mounted on most microscopes as longe as there is a fine focus knop on the microscope.

    For large movements when speed...

  • DPZS-13 - Vertical Z-stage

    DPZS-13 - Vertical Z-stage - Affordable auto extended focus

    The new DPZS-13 includes all which are needed for making extended focus fully automatic, with any stereo- or mono- microscope, except for a DeltaPix camera and software. It works also on microscopes without fine focus, and there is no need to disassemble the focus drive, as with many other...

  • Zeiss microscope automation


    DeltaPix products interface directly to all Zeiss microscopes through the Zeiss MTB server. This enables control of XY and Z axis, filters, shutters and read back of magnification settings and other variables. Control through MTB server can be combined with direct control of stages like Prior or...