TRPS - Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing

TRPS is the most powerful nanoparticle characterisation system available. It is an essential tool for nanoparticle research, development and quality assurance, particularly in fields like nanomedicine and extracellular vesicles. Recent developments mean that TRPS is now rapid and convenient, with a suite of additional tools available to make life easier for the TRPS user.

TRPS measures the main particle parameters with very high accuracy and repeatability. Measurements are all calibrated and objectively derived, ie within the agreed tolerances they do vary from user to user or instrument to instrument. These main parameters are:

  • Particle size and accurate number based size distribution, derived on a real particle by particle basis
  • Particle concentration, being the number of particles/ml for a specified size range
  • Particle charge and number based charge distribution, also derived on a real particle by particle basis