Adama Innovations

Adama have developed a unique, patented manufacturing technology, which provides, for the first time, both sharp and wear-resistant, high-quality AFM probes, at a realistic price.

Adama Innovations operates world-class technology on wafer-scale, producing hundreds of precisely controlled AFM probe tips consecutively that are subject to a rigorous quality control procedure to insure that the product adheres to the high standards that reflect the ethos of the company and their ambition to meet the demands of customers.
Utilising the latest in advanced manufacturing capability, Adama's innovative and unique technology is a simple and efficient method to create bespoke micro- and nanoscale shapes and profiles in diamond and other hard carbon based materials. The repeatability and accuracy of the technique allows for precision engineering in desired locations.

Adama Innovations - Precision Diamond Probes
Tip Shape

Customers that need to know their tip shape accurately can now avail of the optional measurement service. Adama now offers a -SEM option which includes a high-resolution SEM image along with measurement of the tip radius at 5, 50 and 100 nm down from the tip apex for every tip in the box. These optional services are available for all Adama probes except -LC and -TC products. Please append -SEM to the model number when ordering.

Spring Constant

All Adama probes are now included in the Sader Method - Global Calibration Initiative. This allows you to calibrate each probe by measuring only the resonance frequency (f) and quality factor (Q). Just go and enter these two numbers in the @LDV entry for your product and the spring constant will be displayed along with an error estimate. This is the most accurate method available for you to get the spring constant for your products and typically allows < 5 % uncertainty.

The spring constant (k) is determined by the formula

k = A x Q x f^1.3

where A is given by your probe model.

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