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DeltaPix is a leading company in digital imaging solutions for various biomedical and industrial applications. DeltaPix offers both manual and motorised systems for measuring and quality control. DeltaPix offers a broad range of digital cameras for almost any application. The DP camera range is headed for the experienced user, who needs to manipulate the working method of the camera, and control every detail. The Invenio cameras range is a series of easy to use cameras, with high resolution, high sensitivity and very low noise. All DeltaPix cameras are manufactured to scientific standards; assembled in dust free environment, high quality IR filters, and high grade sensors. All DeltaPix CCD cameras use the newest and most advanced Sony CCD sensors, and all CMOS cameras are equipped with the newest high quality CMOS sensors.

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HDMI Cameras

Light sources

Digital Optical Measurement systems

Digital microscopes for inspection

Microscope automation

USB 3.0 DPX cameras

Digital Cameras Infinity

Digital Cameras Invenio SIII

Digital Cameras Invenio EIII

Digital Microscopes

Imaging and Measurement software - DeltaPix Insight Microscope Software Suite

Cooled Microscope Cameras