Pure Air. Nothing Else.

Genano's vision drives them to protect people, processes and the environment by producing clean air.

Genano is a leader in indoor air decontamination. It operates in wide range of business areas, ensuring that manufacturing processes are secured in laboratories, clinics, manufacturing clean areas, logistics halls and in other manufacturing facilities. Genano provides clean air as a service for hundreds of municipalities in Europe, ensuring that the indoor air quality in public buildings, such as schools, nurseries, town halls and other public buildings is health and safe to breath.

Their unique, patented cold-plasma technology is based on a powerful electronic filterless air purification. The main benefits of this technology is the constant air flow, that does not get disrupted because of clogged filters. The performance of Genano technology stays constantly high. As they don’t use any filtration media, Genano units don’t offer a substrate for microbes to grow. In fact, this technology eliminates all living microbes; such as viruses and bacteria.

Genano's technology brings another remarkable benefit for users: the ability to remove airborne impurities of all sizes – down to nanometer size. It is not only the matter of how many percentages of all particles the purification technology filters, but the importance is also the size of the particles the system collects. The ultra-small particles are the most dangerous ones, penetrating our blood circulation through lungs. Genano products create healthier work environments in several business areas, and at home.

Genano Ltd is a Finnish forerunner in health technology and nanoscale air purification.