K&S Advanced Systems

Vibration Isolation Experts

MVIS - Multi layer Vibration Isolation Structure

​K&S active vibration isolation are based on advanced technology, that combines up to three independent layers of active vibration cancellation and two layers of passive. The extensive flexibility of such system architecture allows K&S systems to get maximum performance in installations, especially in cases where the typical system would be impossible to use.

Products and Solutions 

  • Standalone Off-The-Shelf Products
    ​K&S patented systems are designed to minimize need for customer involvement and installation cost

  • Integrated OEM Solutions
    ​K&S can integrate her technology into the tools of other manufacturers

  • Customized Solutions
    If ​K&S off-the-shelf products are not compatible with your needs, ​K&S is happy to tailor her technology in order to create a customized solution

Key Benefits in using K&S Products

  1. Performance
    1. 6 degree of freedom
    2. Active gain starting from 0.5Hz
    3. Decoupled architecture (patent pending)
    4. Variable Damping
  2. Small Size, elegant design, low weight.
  3. Easy installation for heavy tools – no need for lifting tools and heavy construction.
  4. Low Cost
  5. Capabilities
    1. Higher Actuators stroke
    2. Adjustable by software active bandwidth
    3. Remote control
  6. Built in real time diagnostic tools
    1. Spectrum analyzer
    2. Oscilloscope
  7. Highly Tunable Vibration Isolation Control – the systems can be configured to challengeable environmental conditions
  8. Customizable due to flexible internal architecture

Products List