LS Instruments

LS Instruments provides industry and academia with the technology they need to discover the world of tomorrow

LS Instruments was first established in December 2000 as a Spin-Off that originated from the physics department of the University of Fribourg. Already in this early stage LS Instruments received the highly prestigious award «Switzerland Technology 2001».

In 2007 the company moved to the incubator FriUp where the professional support allowed the Spin-Off to evolve into a real Start-Up. In 2011 LS INstruments received the prestigious CTI Start-Up label. Since 2013 LS is located at the technology park blueFACTORY in Fribourg. This location is perfectly suited for the next step in the company evolution: after many years of intensive development LS Instruments is finally ready to launch a series of innovative new products.

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