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The former specialist in nanoparticle management Matter Aerosol has been a member of the Testo family since 2010. In 2015 it has been fully integrated into the Testo AG. With the full integration of the nanoparticle measurement technology business sector, Testo AG is pursuing the objective of a targeted and customer-oriented utilization of the synergies in Research & Development, as well as the extensive and proven possibilities and means available in industrial production, service and sales.
The extensive, specialized and recognized Research & Development know-how of Matter Aerosol is now completed with more than 50 years' expertise from Testo AG as a world market leader in the field of professional measurement technology. With this new arrangement, perfect solutions in the nanoparticle measurement technology sector will be developed for many customers.

Key Competencies

  • Equipment - design, development and production of equipment to sample, dilute, measure and characterise nanoparticles from combustion and in ambient air
  • Services - nanoparticle emisson measuring and testing programs for combustion engines, boilers, particle traps, fuels and additives at our partners' test benches or at the customer's site
  • Transfer - conferences and seminars on nanoparticle measurement
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