DiSC mini

Handheld aerosol nanoparticles analyzer

The Diffusion Size Classifier miniature DiSCmini is a handheld sensor for the measurement of nanoparticle number, average diameter and lung-deposited surface area LDSA with a time resolution of up to 1 second (1 Hz). The measuring principle is based on electrical charging of the aerosols. The small size of the DiSCmini makes the instrument particularly suitable for personal carry-on measurement campaigns. The instrument is battery powered with a lifetime of up to 8 hours; data can be recorded on a memory card, and transferred to an external computer via USB cable.

DiSCmini is particularly efficient for personal exposure monitoring in particle-loaded work space with toxic air contaminants such as diesel soot, welding fumes, or industrial nanomaterial. DiSCmini detects particles ranging in size from 10 to about 700 nm, while the modal value should lie below 300 nm. The concentration range is from about 1’000 to over 1’000’000 particles per cubic centimeter. The accuracy of the measurement depends on the shape of the particle size distribution and number concentration, and is usually around 15-20% compared to a reference CPC.

Application Fields