F20 Series

The world's best-selling tabletop film thickness measurement system.

F20s are general-purpose film thickness measurement instruments, and are used in thousands of applications worldwide. Thickness and refractive index can be measured in less than a second. Like all of our thickness measurement instruments, the F20 connects to the USB port of your Windows® computer and sets up in minutes.

The different F20 instruments are distinguished primarily by the thickness measurement range, which in turn is determined by the instrument's wavelength range. The standard F20 is our most popular product.

What's Included
  • Integrated spectrometer/light source unit
  • FILMeasure 8 software
  • FILMeasure standalone software for remote data analysis
  • SS-3 sample stage with fiber optic cable
  • Reflectance standards
  • Thickness standard
  • Flattening filter (for highly-reflective substrates)
  • Spare TH-1 lamp
Additional Perks
  • Library with over 130 materials included with every system, along with access to 100s more
  • Applications Engineers available for immediate 24-hour assistance (Mon-Fri)
  • Online "Hands On" support (internet connection required)
  • Hardware upgrade program

Technical Features

ModelThickness Range*Wavelength Range
F2015nm - 70µm380-1050nm
F20-EXR15nm - 250µm380-1700nm
F20-NIR100nm - 250µm950-1700nm
F20-UV1nm - 40µm190-1100nm
F20-UVX1nm - 250µm190-1700nm
F20-XT0.2µm - 450µm1440-1690nm
F3-sX Series10µm - 3mm960-1580nm

*Film stack dependent