G10 Series

Electron Gun


  • Miniature Lens Design
  • Variable Beam Diameter
  • Variable Beam Energy
  • Low Outgassing Rate
  • Flexible Mounting Configuration

Technical Features

  • Beam Energy: Low Energy Mode (LEM): from 5eV to 750eV
  • High Energy Mode (HEM): to 3000eV
  • Beam Current: LEM: 2µA at 100eV and 0.5mm beam size
  • HEM : up to 80µA at 3keV
  • Beam Size: Adjusted by potential of Wehnelt cylinder from 1mm to 250µm and limited by exchangeable aperture down to 5µm
  • Electron Source: Thermally emitting tungsten-rhenium filament, directly heated single crystal LaB6 filament optional
  • Energy Spread: 0.45eV for Tungsten filament, 0.25eV for LaB6 filament
  • Beam Deflection: X-Y, two pairs of independent electrostatic deflection plates - optional
  • Overall Sizes:10mm lens diameter and 80mm length
  • Mounting: unmounted or mounted on 2 3/4" CF with Mu-metal shielding
  • Target Distances: from 40 to 60mm of the end of the gun
  • Filament Light: below 0.01lux protection against escaping the filament light ( back and side gun lenses)