Ion Sputter Coater with touchscreen display - For your SEM

Use it to form metal thin film on the surface of sample which is non-conductive or which has got weak conductivity.

When it is necessary to analyze the image or components using a scanning electron microscope (SEM), the image distortion occurs due to charge-up phenomenon of non-conductive objects, making normal measurement is difficult. Since the image is distorted due to the accumulation of charged particles on the surface of the non-conductive sample by the electron beam, the sputtering (coating) process must be performed.

The Ion Sputtering Coater is an essential pre-treatment equipment of sample for SEM with competitiveness in miniaturization, convenient use and low cost.


Install the G20 of ion sputtering coater.
Operation Movie
How to use the G20 ion sputtte coater
Component of Equipment

Ion Sputter Coater

  • Tempered Glass for Chamber (Detachable)
  • Ultra-light weight coater (10kg)
  • 7 inch wide touch screen
  • Convenient service by BOARD composing for each function

Vacuum Pump - " Oil Rotary Pump " - optional

  • Pumping Speed : 100L/min 

Coating Material " Au or Pt "

  • Au(4N) : 50mm(D)
  • Pt(3N5) : 50mm(D)
  • Gold target provided

Accessory - " Manual, Hose, Cable "

  • Manual (Install/Quick Guide)
  • Clamp
  • 1.5M Vacuum Hose
  • Power Cable
Coating Thickness
Installed View

Technical Features

  1. Convenient control with 7 inch Touch Display
  2. Vacuum → Auto Coating → Vent control by one-touch
  3. Library : Save frequent use conditions (max 10)
  4. 7 pieces of Sample Stub (Φ14㎜) mounting together in chamber
  5. Prevention damage on sample thanks to the low voltage coating (1 to 10mA)
  6. Minimize installation space because of the compact size



Degree of Vacuum

2.0 x 10-1Torr

Ion Current

1 to 10mA (1mA/step)

Target Material

Au or Pt

Chamber Size

140mm(D) x 100mm(H)

Sample Stage

50mm(D) x 30mm(H)

Target Size


Sputter Time

1 to 600sec (1sec/step)

Vacuum Pump

100L/min, Rotary Pump


110~220VAC ±10%, 50/60Hz


Main : 380(W)x240(D)x250(H)mm, 10kg
Pump : 454(W)x170(D)x240(H)mm, 23kg