MicroXAM 1200 - 3D non-contact profilometer

This instrument is available in all South-East Europe countries except Italy


The MicroXAM-1200 3D non-contact profilometer is a surface characterization solution for a wide range of applications and industries - from R&D departments, universities, and commercial labs to production monitoring and process control in IC manufacturing and data storage. The non-contact profilometer uses white light interferometry to generate high-resolution 3D images that provide the industry’s highest vertical resolution with excellent repeatability and precision, and superior reliability measurements. This surface analysis solution delivers automated data collection, automated analysis and reporting, with 2D or 3D advanced analysis suite to address a variety of application and reporting needs.

  • PSI (phase) and VSI mode (vertical) with patented noise suppression technology
  • 100 µm closed loop piezo stage and 10mm z-stage for VSI scanning mode
  • Sample stages up to 8” (200mm) with full stage travel
  • X-Y stage options supporting manual, motorized, and programmable 4, 6, and 8” (100, 150, and 200mm)
  • Sequence, Stitching, Thick film thickness, dissimilar materials, and masking  measurement modules.

The precision engineered hardware along with powerful yet simple to use MapVUE® AE analysis software package offers the user a number of parameter calculations, filtering options, imaging analysis and automated report generation to meet the most stringent R&D and production environment needs. MapVUE AE’s user interface offers simple recipe development, automated sequencing, and with a range of analysis tools. The flexibility of the instrument is further demonstrated with its mix of objectives and sample stages available to meet the need of each application with customization.