P-17 Stylus Profiler

This instrument is available in all South-East Europe countries except Italy


The P-17 offers industry leading measurement repeatability for reliable measurement performance.  The system has 200 mm scan length standard - the only stylus profiler on the market to offer long scan capability without the need for stitching.  The UltraLite® sensor includes dynamic force control, excellent linearity, and the highest vertical resolution making it the best sensor available on a stylus profiler.  The P-17 includes many features to enhance the user experience such as top and side view optics, and motorized theta/leveling stages.  Finally, the system includes point-and-click operation and the productivity package to offer the easiest to use tool on the market with the features required by university, R&D, and production environments.

The P-17 OF (open frame) includes all of the capability of the P-17, but allows the user to load larger samples on the 9.5 by 9.5-inch square stage or 300 mm sample chuck.

Technical Features

  • 200 mm scan length – no stitching required
  • Up to 1 mm Z-range
  • 200 mm stage standard
  • Dynamic force control 0.03 – 50 mg
  • 3D metrology and 3D stress
  • Dual view optics – top view & side view
  • Apex 2D and 3D advanced surface analysis software
  • Full automation with pattern recognition and GEM/SECS communication