PanScan Freedom-LT

New Standard in cryogen-free LT STM Systems for Nanoscience

For over 30 years the world's leading researchers have depended on RHK to deliver the highest performance SPMs and control systems, with more than 1,000 installed. The PanScan-Freedom LT is an innovative new closed-cycle cryogen-free system for stable low temperature performance, unprecedented low drift, exceptional spectroscopy performance, and atomic resolution in a surprisingly compact, simple, and affordable package.

PanScan-Freedom LT system features 15 K to 400 K operation without the expense and frustration of using liquid cryogens. PanScan-Freedom LT redefines helium-free low temperature performance, with an unprecedented XY drift as low as 0.2 Å/hour and Z drift as low as 0.2Å/day.

PanScan Quick Specifications
  • Eliminates the need for expensive cryogens
  • Maintains temperature indefinitely
  • Never run out of liquid He during an experiment again!
  • Stable low temperature imaging for everyone
  • Atomic resolution 15-400 K
  • XY drift as low as 0.2Å/hour
  • Z drift as low as 0.2Å/day
  • Superb STS

PanScan-Freedom LT incorporates RHK's purpose-built hardware, including the groundbreaking R9 control electronics, for lowest noise, highest performance, and industry leading cryogen-free low temperature performance.

Uniquely designed foreasy adaptation, PanScan-Freedom LT can also integrate with existing chambers to provide an affordable, small footprint LT UHV SPM station on other analysis or process instruments already in place in a laboratory. The clever design of the closed cycle module also provides an easy upgrade path for existing PanScan systems, protecting the customer's investment in their research. Innovation in every nanometer from the industry's most experienced designers. Not just remarkable...revolutionary.

Application Fields