qEV10 / 35nm - 1 Pack

Size range 35nm-350nm - 10 ml Sample loading - Ideal for large volume cell culture supernatant

One of Izon's newer columns sizes, the qEV10 / 35nm is designed for separating exosomes from a 10mL biological sample and comes with Luer Lock fittings. They will be of particular interest if you are working with larger fluid volumes. The Luer Lock fittings also allow for many different configurations.

Also available in the 70nm+ series, this 35nm+ column has an optimal recovery range of 35nm to 350nm.

Technical Features


Sample volume   10 ml
Void Volume   20 ml
Operational temperature    18 to 24°C
Flow-rate   From 4 to 5 mL/min at 18°C
Separation size   >70 nm nominal*
Buffer   PBS
Bed volume   75 ml
Largest size passable   1 µm
Top and bottom filters size   20 µm
pH stability working range   3 - 13
pH stability cleaning-in-place (CIP)   2 - 14
Shelf life   12 months (if stored correctly)
Life after first use   Dependent on use and storage