The QFM-Module comprises two components:


Frequency Range

        5 kHz -    20 kHz (Tapping Mode in liquid)
      20 kHz - 100 kHz (Magnetic/Electrostatic Force Microscopy)
    100 kHz - 500 kHz (Tapping Mode in air)

Phase Shift

    360°  continously

Operational Modes

    Constant Excitation Mode (CE-Mode)
    Constant Excitation Mode with Q-Control
    AM-Mode (Tapping Mode) with Q-Control

The Controller is available with general purpose BNC-type connectors or with special connectors compatible with SPMs either from Digital Instruments / Bruker (type NanoScope) or from Shimadzu.


Frequency Detector:

Input Signal Range

    Frequency:  5 kHz - 500 kHz
    Amplitude: 0.3 Vp - 3.0 Vp


    ± 25 Hz/V
    ± 75 Hz/V
    ± 150 Hz/V
    ± 250 Hz/V

Output Signal

    max. Amplitude: 10Vp


    up to 10kHz bandwidth
    stand-alone (no computer needed)
    fast auto tune function
    no PLL


Compliance: CE
Power Supply: 100-240 Vac, 0.8 A, 47-63 Hz, IEC connector

Application Fields