R9 AFM/STM control system

RHK’s new R9 Controller provides a complete, fully digital AFM/STM control system in an ultra-integrated, user-configurable and programmable one-box solution. As the next-generation in RHK’s long history of innovative control technology, R9 delivers lowest noise, highest speed, and a unique user interface to researchers seeking ease of use and powerful, customizable experimental freedom.

R9 is the successor to RHK’s original SPM1000 control system. With over 1,000 SPM1000s sold since its introduction in 1988, RHK has developed a unique expertise in exactly what is required of an SPM control system by novice and expert users. R9 encompasses all that experience, plus the investment of over 30 man-years of further development.

The result of many years of development by RHK’s expert hardware and software development teams, R9 combines cutting edge electronic components, unique software concepts (patents pending), and RHK’s 20 years of deep experience.



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