S Neox Five Axis 3D optical profiler

Full 3D measurement solution

The Five Axis 3D optical profiler combines a high-accuracy rotational module with advanced inspection and analysis capabilities. This enables automatic 3D surface measurements at defined positions which combine to create full 3D volumetric measurements. Three measurement technologies cover a wide range of scales, including form (focus variation), subnanometric roughness (interferometry) or critical dimensions that require high lateral as well as vertical resolution (confocal).


The S neox Five Axis 3D Optical profiler combines a high-accuracy rotational module with the advanced inspection and analysis capabilities of the S neox 3D Optical profiler.


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Features overview
  • Motorized 2 axis rotational module, high accuracy positioning
  • Dedicated solution designed to measure a sample in different perspectives
  • Automatic measurements for production and QA/QC
  • Advanced 3D comparison software (SensoCOMP)
System capabilities
  • Manual and automatic motorized positioning
  • Form deviation from 3D CAD models (providing the geometric dierence and tolerance measurement)
  • Life test and wear measurements show deviations from original to processed piece
  • Measuring critical dimensions (angles, radius, contour), surface texture according ISO 25178 (form and roughness) and volume
  • Full 3D measurement (automatic or manual)
  • Angular multiple recipes (AMR) from CAD model
Markets and applications
  • Micromanufacturing (EDM, Milling, Laser, Additive Manufacturing)
  • Medtech (Implants)
  • Tooling
  • Forensics (Toolmarks)
Rotational module
  • Rotation axis - 360º endless motorized
  • Tilt axis - -30 º to +100 º motorized
  • Clamping options*
    • System3R Macro chuck
    • High precision 1 to 16 mm collet set from - Rego-FIX (5µm runout)
    • Versatility & precision: Precision three-jaw chuck (1 to 30mm) (20µm runout)
    • Flat sample holder

*Other options available

  • Maximum length - 150 mm
  • Sample diameter - 1 to 30 mm
  • Maximum sample weight - 5 kg