S onix

Unprecedented high speed

The S onix provides the speed required in a high-throughput industrial metrology system. With its high-speed camera and optimized optical and mechanical design, S onix is up to 7 times faster than other interferometric systems available today. Vertical resolution has been maintained, where the advantage of high speed brings with it the added bonus of improved resistance against vibration.

Compact, light and orientation agnostic

Small size and low weight make designing for integration easy. Able to be mounted in any orientation, S mart and S onix can be positioned as the application dictates. Cable lengths can be up to 14m. This makes them perfectly adaptable for both in-line production and robot-mounted sensing applications.


White-light vertical scanning interferometry (VSI) is a widely used and powerful technique for measuring surface characteristics such as topography or transparent film structure. It is best suited for measuring smooth to moderately rough sourfaces, and provides nanometer vertical resolution regardless of the objective’s NA or magnification.


SensoSCAN software drives the systems with its clear and intuitive user-friendly interface. The user is guided through the 3D environment, delivering a unique user experience. SensoSCAN software provides an interface with which any measurement can easily be taken, as well as a comprehensive set of tools for displaying and analyzing data.
For applications requiring a more complete analysis suite, advanced analysis software packages are optionally available – SensoMAP and SensoPRO LT.

ISO Parameters
All Sensofar software packages are compliant with ISO 25178. A complete selection of ISO 3D areal surface texture parameters – height, spatial, hybrid, functional and volumetric parameters – as well as 2D profile parameters are available.

The software development kit (SDK) provides the tools and protocols needed to create proprietary applications that are able to communicate with and manage SensoSCAN. Developers can choose the platform and language for their applications without any constraint. SensoSCAN SDK commands and events provide a means to remotely inspect a sample and perform measurements based on acquisition recipes. Once a propietary application has been developed for one system, it can be used with others.

It has never been so easy to perform rapid quality control in a production line. Thanks to SensoPRO LT, the operator only needs to load the sample and follow guided instructions. Plug-in-based data analysis algorithms provide a high degree of flexibility. Available plug-ins include LED Mobile (Conic, Mesa and Merging LEDs), Bump, Hole, Double Hole, Surface Texture, Step Height, Double Step Height, Trace, Trench, Silver Trench and Prisms. New modules can be easily developed for other industry needs.

Technical Features

S onix
Measurement Principle Interferometry VSI
Light source [nm] 550 nm
Dimension Sensorhead [mm] 281x 150 x 82 (HxWxD)
Dimension Control [mm] 212 x 220 x 135 (HxWxD)


Magnification (MAG) 2.5x 5x 10x 20x 50x 100x
Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.075 0.13 0.30 0.40 0.55 0.70
Working distance (WD) [mm] 10.3 9.3 7.4 4.7 3.4 2.0
Field of view (FOV) [μm] 5040 x 3780 2520 x 1890 1260 x 945 630 x 472 252 x 189 126 x 94
Spatial Sampling 7.88 3.94 1.97 0.98 0.39 0.19
Optical resolution 7.88 3.94 1.97 0.98 0.39 0.19
Measurement Time 25


Vertical Resolution (nm) 1
Maximum Slope (°) 3 8 14 21 25 42


z-stage performance
Z Linear Scale
Vertical range
Linearity <0,5 µm/nm
Resolution 2nm


User Management Rights Administrator, advanced operator, operator
Acquisition Technologies
Measurement Types
Image, 3D and 3D thickness
Advanced Software Analysis
SensoMAP and SensoProLP (optional)
Remote control Software Development Kit (SDK) (optional)


computer and operating system
Computer HP Z230SSF with 1920x1080px HP23i Display
Operating System
Windows 8, 64 bit