MikroMasch® is a well known manufacturer of inexpensive AFM probes and test gratings.
MikroMasch offers a big variety High Quality AFM probes and test structures. MikroMasch products are compatible with the microscopes of all major SPM manufacturers, including Bruker (Veeco, Digital Instruments, ThermoMicroscopes), Keysight (Agilent, Molecular Imaging), Oxford Instruments - Asylum Research, Park, NTMDT, JEOL, and others.

  • HOPG

    Mikromasch Test Structures HOPG

    Highly ordered pyrolytic graphite (HOPG) is a lamellar material and consists of stacked planes. Carbon atoms within a single plane interact more strongly than with those in adjacent planes.
    Each atom within a plane has three nearest neighbors, resulting in a honeycomb-like structure. This...

  • PA Series

    Mikromasch Test Structures PA Series

    Sample for characterization of tip shape with hard sharp pyramidal nanostructures. The structures are covered by a highly wear-resistant layer.

    The exact shape of the scanning probe tip is very important for obtaining AFM images of high quality and accuracy. As new AFM tips with nanometer...

  • TGX Series

    Mikromasch Serie TGX

    The silicon calibration grating TGX is an array of square holes with sharp undercut edges formed by the (110) crystallographic planes of silicon. The typical radius of the edges is less than 5 nm.


    TGX calibration gratings are intended for determination of the tip aspect ratio and...

  • TGXYZ Series

    Mikromasch Test Structures TGXYZ Series

    Calibration gratings from the TGXYZ series are arrays of different structures comprising rectangular silicon dioxide steps on a silicon wafer. The small square in the center with dimensions 500 μm by 500 μm includes circular pillars and holes, as well as lines in the X- and Ydirection with a...

  • Hi’Res-C

    Hi'Res C - High Resolution silicon probes

    The Hi’Res-C probes suffer less contamination than silicon probes and are capable of obtaining many high-resolution scans, although they do require special care in use. Due to the small tip curvature radius, the tip-sample attraction force is minimized.

    Advantages of Hi’Res-C are...

  • Co-Cr Coated probes

    Mikromasch Co-Cr Coated probes

    Two HQ:NSC probe models are available with a special coating for Magnetic Force Microscopy.
    The coating consists of a 60 nm cobalt layer on both the tipside and backside and is protected from oxidation with a 20 nm chromium film. The cantilever parameters are optimized for stable...

  • Pt and Cr-Au Coated

    Punte in silicio conduttive a Non Contatto (NSC), Contatto (CSC) e a 4-leve (XSC)

    Pyramidal silicon etched probes* with conductive platinum or gold coatings are suitable for a wide range of electrical applications of AFM. Gold and platinum coatings are inert, which makes these probes applicable for many experiments in biology and chemistry.


    Pt coated resulting...

  • DPE Probes

    DPE Probes - Low Noise Conductive silicon probes

    The DPE probes feature silicon tips and a special structure of conductive layers, which provides a more stable electrical signal and less noise. However, some reduction in resolution for topography images is possible when using DPE probes due to the increased tip radius.



  • DPER Probes

    MIkromasch Dper High Resolution Conductive silicon probes

    DPER probes are made by depositing a thin platinum coating on silicon tips. While the thickness of the coating on a flat cantilever surface is about 15 nm, there is only a 10 nm increase in the tip dimensions compared to bare silicon probes. These probes are recommended for electrical...

  • Tipless Noncontact (NSC) and Contact (CSC) three-lever silicon probes

    Tipless Cantilevers - Tipless Noncontact (NSC) and Contact (CSC) three-lever silicon probes

    Probes of the Tipless Series feature 3 tipless cantilevers with different spring constants and resonance frequencies on one side of the chip. This series replaces the former 12 Series.

    Backside coating:
    Al BS...