Who we are

The Schaefer-Tec group sales territory

We do represent a unique collection of highly innovative global companies developing cutting edge technologies for nano-scale characterization.

Our distinctive strengths are:

  1. Experience. Which enable us selecting the most innovative technology suppliers globally. Our
    partners are true innovators pushing ahead the limits of what can be measured and thus known.
  2. Competence. We keep our staff trained continuously and up-to-date, because we are technicians, and technology fans, not just sales people.
  3. Our ability to delivering testing services. We do support our customers no matter whether they need to purchase equipment or whether they just need tests as service.
Our technologies

Nowadays our technologies offering covers three areas:

  • Surface Characterization/Analysis and Surface Metrology
    • Tabletop SEM.
    • Optical profilers and optical 3D microscopes for tabletop operation or in-line integration.
    • SPM microscopes for operation in air, environments or vacuum, and related accessories.   
    • Nano-indentation and surface mechanical characterization tools
  • Vacuum and control instrumentation (vacuum control, mass flow meters, HV and UHV parts)
  • Life Sciences Instrumentation
    • 3D/4D label free microscopes and manipulation tools for cell-to-cell analysis, developed specifically for the life sciences.
    • Microscopy-based cell counters, also with recognition capabilities.
    • Nanoparticles characterization tools: TRPS and Enhanced Dark Field Microscopy.
  • Automated recognition of features on microscopy images
    • In collaboration with OnAir srl we provide customer tailored recognition algorithms based on deep learning.

Most of the above technologies are available for demonstration or contract work at either of our office based in Rovigo.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for discussing your measurement needs. Whether you wish to purchase a microscope, or to perform measurements on contract, or in case you need help for integrating one of the sensors we market into your process, we will be happy to work with you!

Key Person
Paolo Bariani - Key Person

Dr. Paolo Bariani (ph.D.), senior sales professional

  • 2005-2015: 10 years of direct sales experience @ Schaefer-Tec.  Sales of complex/expensive materials characterization/metrology instrumentation into Academia and R&D labs.
  • Management of on average 4 employees in Italy and Romania.
  • 2012-2014: 2.5 years experience as Area Sales Manager @ Agilent Technologies. Management of of Agilent Nanoscale Org. reps in: Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Serb Rep., Czech rep., and Turkey.
  • Year 2005. Ph.D. in nanoscale metrology (AFM, SEM, optical techniques). DTU, Lyngby, Denmark
  • Year 2001 .Master of Sc. In Mechanical Engineering. University of Padua, Italy

Contact coordinates: e-mail: bariani@schaefer-tec.it. Mobile: +39 347 233 12 13