IP-67 Flow Controller Digital 300A & OEM Opportunities

Friday, December 1, 2017
IP-67 Flow Controller

Teledyne Hastings has closed a very large opportunity in the US using the new Digital 300 flow controller. The end user captures process gases and cleans them up for re-use. The application required that our flow controllers be certified for IP-67 (water resistant). There were also some specific material requirements (no exposed nickel or Teflon).

The IP-67 version of the Digital 300A will be available soon in the price list. All ranges of the Digital 300A Series are available with IP-67. If you would benefit from the IP-67 Digital 300 flow meter or flow controller – DON’T WAIT! Contact us today and let’s get started.

300 Vue Promotion

Another very interesting application for the 300 Vue Series.
The customer will be using the MFC to control various gases into miniature model environments to see how the gases move throughout. This is important for predicting behavior of gas leaks in a city with large buildings or seeing the effect of factory exhaust onto the surrounding environment with varying winds.

Digital 300 CORE – for OEMs

What is the CORE? Every Digital 300 starts with the same two main boards as shown in the picture. These two boards handle the flow sensor signals, the control loop, and the solenoid control valve drive. In short, the CORE is a stand-alone flow controller. Communication from the CORE to other boards, or customer board, is carried via TTL signals. No analog I/O is available; the digital command set is the same as other Digital 300 flow instruments. The CORE was designed for high volume OEM customers. It is smaller in height and lower in cost. If you are interested in learning more about the CORE and you have a potential application, please contact us. We can take a look at an opportunity on a case-by-case basis and start a Quality Plan as required.

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