Standard silicon probes SPM/AFM

Standard silicon probes SPM/AFM

AppNano silicon probes are manufactured out of prime grade, low resistivity (0.010 to 0.025 Ω-cm), n-type Antimony doped, single crystal silicon. Well established silicon technology combined with novel microfabrication processes are the key ingredients for achieving high quality monolithic probes with unprecedented tip sharpness.

AppNano silicon probe tips are available in tetrahedral and triangular pyramid shape.
Tetrahedral Tip:

  • Tip height range is 14 to 16 μm
  • Tip offset range is 15 to 25 μm
  • Side angle is 18°
  • Front plane angle is 31° and back plane is 9°

The length of the cantilever is measured from the chip body to the tip center. The width is the average width of the cantilever.

Tipless (TL)
Probes are also available in a tipless configuration where there is no tip at the end. These probes are used for custom applications

Tip View Probes
All ACCESS probes series probes have triangular shaped tips. These tips are at the extreme end of the cantilever.

  • Tip height range is 14 to 16 μm
  • Side angle from front view is 15°
  • Apex half cone angle is 11°

We also offer tailored specification and specialized metal coatings of tip and cantilever, such as Aluminum, Gold, Platinum, Nickel, and others.

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