Hyperspectral Microscopes

SH-SY5Y cell line (nucleus and mitochondria), stained for beta tubulin. Imaged by Sahar Pradhan at 10X on Cytoviva microscope.

CytoViva’s Hyperspectral Imaging technology was specifically designed to provide quantitative spectral analysis of nanoscale materials imaged with the patented CytoViva darkfield-based microscope system or with other microscopy modalities. This can include spectral analysis of both biological and materials-based nanoscale samples, which may be isolated or integrated in cells, tissue or other materials-based matrices. CytoViva provides hyperspectral imaging in the visible near-infrared (VNIR 400nm-1,000nm) wavelength ranges as well as in the short wave infrared (SWIR 900nm-1,700nm) wavelength ranges.

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