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Tomocube is dedicated to delivering products that can enhance biological and medical research via novel optical solutions that can assist Tomocube in understanding, diagnosing, and treating human diseases.
Current optical microscopes only provide users with a 2D view of their sample. To get a 3D view, users must use expensive and invasive electron or confocal microscopes, which require extensive pre-preparation of samples and are not amenable to dynamic samples such as live cells. Tomocube platform enables researchers to measure nanoscale, real-time, dynamic images of individual living cells without the need for sample preparation.

For clients that require the highest resolution or speed or need to image free floating objects then HT1/2 remains the go to instrument. Small but Mighty: Super resolution on smaller fields, Fast acquisition in 2D and 3D, Single sample.

Where the client is working with adherent cells and wants to work in multi-well formats then the HT-X is the right product.Big and bold: High Resolution with large field of view, Multi well plate formats for adherent cells.

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