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Categoria: TRPS - Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing

Marchio: IZON Science

Campi di applicazione: Nanostructured Materials for Regenerative Medicine

Izon Science qVirox

qViro-X enables rapid quantitation and analysis of individual virus particles in real-time, ideal for assessment of viral titre and aggregation.

Its decontamination-proof stainless steel...

qNano Gold

Categoria: TRPS - Tunable Resistive Pulse Sensing, Zeta potential measurement

Marchio: IZON Science

Campi di applicazione: Nanoparticles, Cellular Dynamics in Real Time, Nano Toxicology, Single DNA/RNA Analysis, Nanovectors for Drug Delivery

qNano Gold - IZON Science, , , ,

Detailed Multi-Parameter Analysis.

Particle-by-particle measurement through qNano enables detailed determination of:

  •     Particle Size
  •     Concentration
  •    ...


Categoria: 3D Optical Profilometers Non-contact

Marchio: GBS-Ilmenau GmbH

Campi di applicazione: Surface Science


Designed for the control of inner cylinder surfaces for the automotive industry.


  • Massive parallel data processing on GPU's
  • Extreme fast...

qEV Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC)

Categoria: Exosome/EV isolation and separation systems

Marchio: IZON Science

Campi di applicazione: Nanoparticles

, ,

A significant enhancement to the qEV platform, the Izon Automatic Fraction Collector (AFC) allows for fast, precise, automated isolation of EVs. qEV is already widely known as the most advanced...


Categoria: SPM Control Systems

Marchio: RHK Technology

Campi di applicazione: Surface Science, Material Science

R9plus - Ultimate SPM Control, R9Plus Back cover, Spectrum Analyzer, Fail-Safe Approach, Even lower HV Noise, Images taken with R9plus, Labview and Matlab compatibility, Oscilloscope, Multi Speed Data Path, Superior Spectroscopy with PerfectSpec™, Up to 10 real-time slices of Spectroscopic Data, Unique Time-Based Data Acquisition (TBDA), Transient Recorder

R9plus BUILT for a PURPOSE: Your Research, Your Success When you are pioneering the frontiers of Nanoscience, you can count on RHK’s new R9plus SPM Controller to lead the way. Its...

Jupiter XR AFM

Categoria: AFM/SPM Microscopes

Marchio: Jupiter Family AFM

Campi di applicazione: Surface Science, Material Science, Thin Films

Jupiter XR AFM Closed, Jupiter XR AFM Open, Jupiter XR AFM Wafer Measurement

The Jupiter XR Atomic Force Microscope is the first and only large-sample AFM to offer both high-speed imaging and extended range in a single scanner. Jupiter provides complete...