Acoustic Enclosure - Pro 32

“High thickness wire” panels technology

The caulked aluminium frame and the special "high thickness wire" panels technology allow an average dampening level of 32 dB.
The internal finishing is made by "open cells" autoestinguishing phonoabsorbing polyurethane foam with pyramidal design, gray anthracite colour. Two Pro 32 walls can be opened both towards left and right direction by means of fasteners that also act as handgrips.

One of the walls is provided with a box with a central passing hole for cables. It is extremely easy in mounting and has high dampening level once the cover is mounted.

The "high specific weight" basement is made by a multilayer structure with different thickness and density, and rests on anti-vibrating adjustable feet. To allow a
larger separation from the support plane, the basement is provided with a fiber mattress able to withstand the weight of the enclosure.
By raising the support feet by means of internal screws, it is even possible to obtain an elementary floating platform.

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