About Us

The Schaefer-Tec group sales territory

Schaefer-Tec distributes in Europe since 1963 rigorously selected SME suppliers of characterization technologies for Nano-Sciences.

After having successfully marketed Vacuum and Cryogenics technologies for many years, with the availability of commercial Scanning Probe Microscopies, our company established itself as a leading supplier of nanoscale characterization technologies in the nineties, then grew into a pan-European network in the 2000s.

Our strengths are:

  • Our vast and deep experience which enable us selecting the most innovative technology suppliers globally. Our partners are often new academic spin-off companies founded based on innovations/patents bringing measurement state-of-the art to the next level.
  • Our capillary presence, with several regional offices spread over the whole continental Europe.
  • Our independence. We are free to focus on customer satisfaction rather than financial performance. We pride ourselves on being privately owned; no financial investors nor venture capital own any of our shares.

Schaefer-Tec offices are located in:

  • Germany (since 1963)
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Poland
Schaefer South-East Europe
Schaefer South-East Europe Sales Territory

Nowadays our technology portfolio comprises:

  • SPM microscopes for operation in air, vacuum or ambients and related accessories
  • Nanoparticles characterization as well as nanoparticles prototyping tools for nanomedicine
  • Nanomechanical testers for operation in air or in situ
  • Optical profilers and optical 3D microscopes
  • Process control instrumentation (vacuum, mass flow meters, magnetic fields)
Key Person
Paolo Bariani - Key Person

Dr. Paolo Bariani (ph.D.), senior sales professional

  • 2005-2015: 10 years of direct sales experience @ Schaefer-Tec.  Sales of complex/expensive materials characterization/metrology instrumentation into Academia and R&D labs.
  • Management of on average 4 employees in Italy and Romania.
  • 2012-2014: 2.5 years experience as Area Sales Manager @ Agilent Technologies. Management of of Agilent Nanoscale Org. reps in: Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Serb Rep., Czech rep., and Turkey.
  • Year 2005. Ph.D. in nanoscale metrology (AFM, SEM, optical techniques). DTU, Lyngby, Denmark
  • Year 2001 .Master of Sc. In Mechanical Engineering. University of Padua, Italy

Contact coordinates: e-mail: bariani@schaefer-tec.it. Mobile: +39 347 233 12 13