Flow Calibration Best Practices - Download the Webinar!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Calibrazione di flusso: Best practices - Scarica il webinar Teledyne Hastings

Teledyne Hastings held its first customer webinar last month. The topic was Flow Calibration Best Practices. It was a great success! We had 173 people sign up and 88 who attended the webinar.

If you missed or were not able to attend our webinar or just want to listen to it again, the recording is now available for viewing. The slides are also available to refer back to. This webinar was suited to those who wanted to learn about Flow Calibration Best Practices: Equipment, Techniques and Data Sheets.

Jamie Shanahan, Applications Manager for Chell Instruments joined in to this webinar as well.

This webinar covered the following topics:

  • Calibration Lab
  • Environmental Considerations
  • Flow Calibration System
  • Flow References
  • Calibration Procedure
  • Data Sheet
  • Data Analysis



download the webinar


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