Monday, March 27, 2017

New technologies for 3D surface metrology

New technologies for 3D surface metrology - Confocal Fusion and Continuous Confocal

Confocal Fusion and Continuous Confocal are two new acquisition technologies developed by Sensofar that build on the existing S line hardware. For existing S line systems that feature at least Confocal and Focus Variation technologies (S neox, S lynx & S mart), and that are compatible with SensoSCAN 6.4 upwards, a simple software update is all that is needed. Confocal Fusion and Continuous Confocal will be demonstrated at Control Show (Germany, 09-12 May 2017 in Stuttgart).

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3D Optical Profiler - Engineered for SpeedQA/QC and R&D Solution
Be Small. Be Compact. Be S Mart
S Mart Complete System
Unprecedented high speed
Sensofar S onix Sensor - Inline Metrology solution
Confocal Fusion
  • Where neither Confocal or Focus Variation can provide ideal results, Confocal Fusion overcomes the limitations of both techniques to provide high-quality measurements over spatially highly varying surfaces.
  • Confocal Fusion draws the best out of Confocal and Focus Variation by using a unique smart algorithm that yields the most reliable data from a single scan
Continuous Confocal
  • Revolutionary step in Confocal measurement technology, steadily reducing the acquisition time by a factor of 3.
  • Continuous Confocal mode avoids the discrete (and time-consuming) plane-by-plane acquisition of classical Confocal by scanning continuously along the Z axis instead.
  • Acquisition speed is comparable to Focus Variation, while results are comparable to Confocal using discrete Z scanning.
  • An ideal solution for Quality Control where speed is a key factor. Available both for table-top systems, S neox & S lynx and for the in-line sensor, S mart.
  • Essential for reducing acquisition times for large area scans and large Z scans.