Tuesday, April 24, 2018

SmartWLI profilometry quality now integrated in production lines!

SmartWLI compact - White light interferometer for industrial applications

The accelerated smartWLI's getting now integrated in production lines. With high-speed cameras and  real time calculation of the point cloud on graphic boards achieve the GBS now with white-light interferometers height resolutions of 0.1 nm and cycle times below 1 s. The image acquisition with up to 3 kHz reduce the influence of vibrations. This makes the operation of smartWLI sensors without extensive dumping systems possible.

Particularly labor measuring systems capture with high resolution cameras up to 5 MP details which could be measured otherwise only with high magnification objectives and xy tables. This simplify the operation and saves time and money. 


GBS-Ilmenau GmbH

White Light interferometer for industrial applications
SmartWLI Compact - White Light interferometer for industrial applications