Webinar - Gas Sources in Vacuum Systems

Friday, February 7, 2020
Webinar -  Gas Sources in Vacuum Systems - 2020 Thursday February 13
Thursday February 13 at 17:00 CET
​The base pressure of any vacuum system is dependent on the effective pumping speed as well as the gas load. In this webinar, Teledyne will list some of the gas sources in a vacuum system and explore their characteristics. These sources include leaks (real and virtual), outgassing (vapor pressure of materials and desorption), and permeation. Join this webinar as we will explore gas sources in vacuum systems, discuss their causes, and look at opportunities to reduce system gas load and lower a vacuum system’s base pressure.
This webinar is designed for Engineers and Technicians who operate and maintain vacuum systems.
In this webinar, Teledyne will cover the following topics:
  • List gas sources in vacuum systems
  • Explore causes of each type of gas source
  • Look at opportunities to reduce gas load 
 Doug Baker, Director of Sales and Business Development for Teledyne Hastings will be presenting this webinar.


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