Quantum Dots

  • Available with green, yellow, orange and red fluorescence
  • Extremely bright and photostable
  • Size dispersion ≤ 5%
  • FWHM ≤ 25 nm
  • Dispersed in anhydrous chloroform
  • Water soluble Quantum Dots available upon request
  • Customizable functionalizations
Bioimaging Applications

Quantum dots have applications in the biological world as fluorescent tags; they can be set to any arbitrary emission spectra to allow labeling and observation of detailed biological processes.


Quantum Dots greatly increase solar cells efficiency.

Electronic Applications

Quantum electrical properties make quantum dots of particular interest in the electronics industry. There small size means that electrons do not have to travel as far as with larger particles, thus electronic devices can operate faster. They may also be used to emit white light for backlighting laptop computer screens. There is also great promise for using quantum dots in other solid state electronic devices.