Wednesday, February 14, 2018

VASCO KIN™: unique time-resolved kinetic analysis capability

L'unico strumento per analisi cinetica su nanoparticelle: VASCO KIN™ di Cordouan

The VASCO KIN™ is a new generation of nanoparticle size analyzer combining a unique time-resolved kinetic analysis capability with an optical fiber remote probe for in situ measurement. Based on an innovative proprietary Software Time-Resolved Correlation (STRC) technology, VASCO KIN is by far the most accurate and versatile particle size analyzer on the market today, opening the field for new and advanced applications in colloids sciences.

Thanks to its 10 years of experience and expertise in NPs characterization, Cordouan Technologies has chosen the best components & cutting-edge technologies for its VASCO KIN™ (Laser, APD, etc.) allowing the best analysis ever done on NPs size distribution in colloids in a minimum time (few seconds needed for great results).
At the heart of VASCO KIN™, STRC is a fast digital acquisition and data processing system which enables photoncounts storages from the very beginning to the end of the measurement and to transfer data to the embedded PC for continous correlation processing. Thanks to its brand new dedicated software NANO KIN®, it is then possible to build up, in real time, an astonishing accurate size distribution in just few seconds.
Data post-processing
At the end of an experiment, all data are recorded and stored into a timetable. Users can then post-process the data by selecting the appropriate time slots for correlation processing and size analysis, enabling to select the most relevant data (big particles scattering events suppression, no artificial/ external influence during the experi-ment, etc.). 
A unique “Time slicing” function allows to create discrete time window analysis with adjustable duration and delay. Building up, in a very accurate way, the Kinetics of an experiment can be done automatically by the NANO KIN® software in just a few clicks and a 2D colormap representation displays size distributions over time.
Thanks to this technique, analysis of turbid samples, kinetics of fast chemical reaction, study of very small NPs in high dilution, dark and concentra-ted samples are getting very easy!

Cordouan Technologies

Real Time Correlation for Time-Resolved analyses
Vasco Kin Particle Size Analyzer - Real Time Correlation for Time-Resolved analyses
Major innovations & features
  • In situ & contactless optical fiber remote probe: small footprint, non-invasive
  • Proprietary Time-Resolved corre-lation for real time Kinetics 
  • Frequency stabilized laser & artefact-free APD detector for ultra-fast measurement
  • New embedded software dedica-ted to kinetics analysis: NANO KIN®
  • Versatile: can be adapted to various environments & configu-rations (glass capillaries, auto-clave & reactor, hermetically sealed vials, mili-fluidic device, etc.)
  • Measurement of diluted and/or subnanometer samples.
  • High resolution kinetic moni-toring (time resolution: down to 200 ms)
  • No moving parts  easy maintenance, reliable
  • High throughput measurements