HFC-D-308A Digital Flow Controller - HFM-D-306A Digital Flow Meter

Teledyne Hastings Instruments products represent over 70 years of experience in the design and manufacture of gas flow instrumentation. The high flow meters and controllers featured in this document
are based on the 300 Series line of flow sensors.
The 300 Series transducer is a patented thermal based flow sensor. This sensor is designed to provide exceptional linear response to changing flow rates. In addition, the electronics associated with the sensor are precisely tuned to give fast response time.

The flow transducer is combined with a laminar flow element to configure the flow meter for the customer. In many flow meters, the major source of error are the non-linearities that occur in the laminar flow element due to entrance and exit effects. However, the 300 Series laminar flow element is designed such that the flow sensing region is far less susceptible to these effects.
There are two models of the high flow 300 Series meters: HFM-306 and HFM-D-306A. The HFM-306 version is accurate to better than ±2.0% of full scale. Instruments are normally calibrated with the appropriate standard calibration gas (air), then a correction factor is used. The digital version, HFM-D-306A, features a microprocessor-based circuitry which linearizes the flow response and provides the user with excellent accuracy.
The HFC-D-308A is a digital mass flow controller based on the HFM-D-306A technology. The digital capability enables the unit to provide fast valve response and flow control which can be optimized for applications up to 10,000 SLM of air flow.
Teledyne Hastings is recognized throughout the world as a leader in high flow instrumentation. THI infrastructure, metrology capabilities, and employees provide customers with outstanding service. Teledyne Hastings application engineers can help tthe customer review his system requirements and work with him to provide a solution.

Technical Features

  • Available Flow Ranges: 0-2500 slm to 0-10,000 slm (N2)
  • Accuracy in Nitrogen
    • HFC-D-308 ±(0.5% Rdg + 0.2% FS)
    • HFM-D-306 ±(0.5% Rdg + 0.2% FS)
  • Operating Pressure to 300 PSI
  • NIST Traceable Calibration
  • RS232/RS485 (Digitals Only)
  • Totalized Flow (Digitals Only)

Application Fields