Digital Ion Sputter Gun Controller


  • Sputter control programming
  • Front panel or computer control via USB
  • Digital precision in setting and stability
  • Rotary optical encoder control on front panel
  • Integration to LabView (TM) or TestPoint (TM)
  • Automatic protection against overload, short circuit and arc


For screenshots of timing software for automation to control sputtering process, download the brochure you can find in the Files section.

Analog Outputs
  • Beam Voltage: positive, 0-3200V
  • Filament Current: 0-4A
  • Focus Voltage: positive, 0-3200V; factor 0.3 - 0.85 of beam voltage
  • Grid Voltage: 150V in reference to filament
  • Emission Current: 0-99mA range
  • Monitoring: all above voltages
  • Display: Vacuum fluorescent display for filament current and beam energy, emission current, program functions
  • Manual Control: Manual control of all voltages and filament current via rotary optical encoder and selection buttons, manual programming available
  • On-Board Automation: Ten adjustable operating programs and also outgassing, standby, filament forming, constant emission current, diagnostics programs
  • PC Control: Full control of all functions, PC software is required, command list for easy custom programming (LabView), DLL, ActiveX available
  • Protection: Over-voltage, over-current and short circuit protection
  • Input Power: 100/110V AC 50/60Hz or 220V/240V AC 50Hz
  • Mechanical: 19" rack mount box with 3U (5.25", 133mm) in height