Robot Picking Single Cells

Controlled By High Speed Valves

  • CellSorter control unit with 2 high speed fluid valves and USB connection to the computer
  • High precision micropipette holding console manufactured from hard aluminum equipped with LED illumination for micropipette focusing and connected to the motorized micromanipulator via a rotatable arm.
  • Special aluminum insert fitting to the microscope stage with a hole and magnetic fixing ring for the 35 mm Petri dish and 80 holes for 10 PCR stripes and a hole for a 32x24 mm2 glass cover slide for testing and high resolution imaging and a hole with a calibration cross­hair
  • Accessories, fittings and tubing for liquid control
  • Compatible with most inverted microscopes
  • Modular structure makes it versatile and helps to fit the device to the specific application
Hardware Requirements
  • Inverted microscope with digital camera, motorized focus, and stage
  • Syringe pump