smartWLI Microscope

Highly accurate Speedytec Dependable Economical

Classical optical microscopes can be expanded into a fullfledged 3-D surface instrument, significantly increasing their usefulness. Using this measurement principle high-precision 3-D data can be collected throughout the viewable range of the microscope. Various types of 3-D analyses can then be done with the microscope and smartWLI as a basis.
Suitable for all modern microscopes from different manufacturers: Zeiss, Nikon, Mitutoyo, Olympus, Leica


Technical Features

Measurement SYSTEM
Measurement Principle White-light interferometry
Z-positioning System piezo objective adjustment system / stepper motor
Height measuring range [µm] Up to 400 / > 1000 (microscope specific)
Measurement Array [Pixel] 1936x1216
Light source [nm] microscope lighting system
Vertical resolution [nm] PSI 0.1, VSI: 1.0 / VSI: < 100nm (stepper motor)
Max scan speed [µm/s] 48
Computer, OS PC or Laptop with Windows 7
Measurement time by z-range 20 μm [s] <3
Operating temperature [°C] 10 - 35
Recommended working temperature [°C] 18 - 22


smartWLI Windows 7, 64bit Software for measuring the topography and for exporting the 3-D data using a direct interface to the MountainsMap® analysis software
smartWLI-SDK SDK for measuring the topography for using in customer own software, Matlab or LabVIEW
MountainsMap® Extensive analysis software as well as profile and 3-D visualisation, measurement data pre- and post-processing, DIN EN ISO roughness and height determination, serial processing, measurement logging



Magnification (MAG) 2.5x 5x 10x 20x 50x 100x
Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.075 0.13 0.30 0.40 0.55 0.70
Working distance (WD) [mm] 10.3 9.3 7.4 4.7 3.4 2.0
Field of view (FOV) [μm] 7203 x 4524 3601 x 2262 1800 x 1131 900 x 565 360 x 226 180 x 113
Pixel size [μm] 3.72 1.86 0.93 0.47 0.19 0.09
Optical resolution by Dawes [μm] 3.61 2.08 0.90 0.68 0.49 0.39


Motorized XY-stage Movement dependent on the microscope
Stitching Automated stitching by using motorized stage