Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Sensofar introduces the new S Lynx - An Interview with Gerald Nitsch - CEO, Sensofar

Sensofar s Lynx 3D non contact profiler

Big news from Sensofar, the leading manufacturer in the optical metrology instruments field. It has been just announced a new optical 3D profiler, the S Lynx model. This instrument is the outcome of 14 years of research and development in this field. This model comes with a very small footprint, but it doesn't mean that Sensofar has given up neither one of the features that has made the spanish company one of the absolute leader in this field. The S Lynx has got them all: integration of confocal, interferometry and focus variation techniques, a LED light source, a high-resolution camera and an encoded nosepiece for interchangeable objectives, and the recently updated version of the SENSOSCAN software. All of these features, and other more, in a compact and smaller instrument.

Discover the Sensofar S Lynx


The new compact flexible and powerful 3D profiler
Sensofar S lynx - The new compact flexible and powerful 3D profiler
Innovative and Versatile Optical Profilers - An Interview with Gerald Nitsch
Gerald Nitsch CEO Sensofar
Gerald Nitsch CEO Sensofar

Gerald Nitsch, CEO of Sensofar Metrology, has worked in the thin-film industry for over a decade. AZoM spoke to Gerald about Sensofar's optical, multipurpose surface profilers, the comprehensive range of measurements they are capable of and the versatility they provide for their customers.

A long interview discussing all the aspects related to Sensofar activity and especially about the technology and the instruments, the application fields (and they are many) in which Sensofar can meet the most different requirements, from the most different customers.

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