Model IG35 IONEC

Ion Sputtering Gun

The IONEC will meet your requirements for high performance sputter ion gun while maintaining simplicity in its design and an unprecedented economy in its use of vacuum chamber space.

The IONEC, a miniature ion sputtering gun, is an instrument designed for cleaning sample surfaces and depth profiling for Auger Electron Spectroscopy. The gun produces a uniform, high density, inert gas ion beam with a beam diameter from 5 to 10mm. The IONEC IG35 combines an enhanced ion source with an electrostatic lens configuration for accelerating and focusing the ion beam. The entire device is mounted on a mini CF flange. The gun has a port to admit gas directly into the ionization region and a port to differentially pump the lens region. This will maximize the pressure differential between the main chamber an the ion source.


  • enhanced ion source for increased beam intensity
  • mini CF flange mounting
  • direct gas inlet to ion source
  • port for differential pumping
  • direct filament mounting on the mini CF flange feedthrough
  • variable beam energy from 0 to 3keV, digital panel meters, remote control of beam energy and computer programming

Technical Features

  • Ion Source: Electron impact ionization in magnetic field
  • Ionization Cathode: Tungsten - Rhenium filament mounted directly on mini CF flange
  • Beam Size: Adjusted by focus voltage to 5 - 10 mm
  • Beam Current: 16.5 µA at 3 keV energy and 2.5x10-5 Torr of Ar+
  • Beam Energy: Variable from 0 to 3000 eV
  • Mounting: 1.33" (35mm) O.D. CF flange
  • Bakeability: Up to 220°C
  • Overall Sizes: 12.7mm lens diameter, 153mm distance between mounting flange and filament feedthrough (220mm including), 100mm width and 40mm depth

Power Supply (Models IPS2 and IPS3)

  • Outputs:
  • Filament current: 1.5 - 4A
  • Grid voltage: +185V
  • Beam voltage: 0 - 3kV
  • Focus voltage: x0.3 - 0.8 of beam voltage
  • Monitoring: Beam Energy, Filament Current and Emission Current by digital panel meters (3 1/2 digit)
  • Controls: 10 turn potentiometers for Beam Energy and Filament Current, 12 position switch for Focus
  • Remote Control (optional): Remote control mini-box for beam voltage
  • Computer control: 0 to 9V (Model IPS2); 0 to 5.4V (Model IPS3)
  • Protection: Short circuit and arc protection, self restoring
  • Input: 115 VAC, 60Hz - standard
  • International range: 100/120/220/230/240 VAC, 47 - 440Hz
  • Size: 19" Rack mount